Yliopistokatu 46: Club Room

The club room in Yliopistokatu 46 is a place where tenants can gather to play games and get to know each other.
It is not meant for parties, and the PSOAS housing bylaws apply. The room houses table tennis equipment (table, bats, and balls) as well as a television, game console, and an assortment of games and movies. Tenants using the club room must respect other tenants living nearby and refrain from loud activities if they disturb the other tenants.

Within the club room there is also a storeroom containing firewood for barbecues. If it is empty, please try the other storeroom at Yliopistokatu 2 C. The third storeroom is at Paavo Havaksen tie, but is only accessible to tenants of that street.

The club room cannot be reserved for personal use. However, you are welcome to use it for events that are open to all tenants (for example a garage sale or Restaurant Day event). Please make sure to check with the persons in charge that the room is available on the day of your event! If you want to arrange a private happening or a party, please rent Yliopistokatu 40 club sauna.

If you notice signs of theft or vandalism in the club room, please inform the persons in charge immediately. In case of disturbance, please contact directly to estate manager Antti Rantasuomela (email: firstname.lastname@psoas.fi or phone (08) 3173 145) or to police (phone 112) in more serious cases.

Persons responsible:

Nimi Minna Salinkangas
Nimi Toni Dahl