One of the main objectives of the Tenant committee is to provide a wide range of activities for the area’s residents. Below are some examples.

Game nights and sports events

Board game nights are held once a month in the Yliopistokatu 46 clubroom. You can also play pool, ping pong, beach volleyball and air hockey in different clubrooms and suitable outdoor areas.

Voluntary work

Spring is a time for cleaning. The Tenant committee organises an annual event to clear the lawns of leaves and trash. Also, tidying of clubrooms is most effective when people join forces and do it together. After all the hard work, the Tenant committee will always offer the hungry volunteers something to eat and drink.


Old clothes and stuff that is still in good condition can be left in the recycling room located in Yliopistokatu 4 A. However, if the stuff you wish to get rid of is more suited for the landfill, there is a solution too: every spring we organise a collection for WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) and large waste, which means for example old furniture and other such things, that are too big for rubbish bins.